We are earnest believers in the beauty of film, and when appropriate based on budget and content, we love to shoot film. However, we also believe in making the best possible film with the available resources. With that in mind, we have invested in JVC's HD100 camera for a few, simple reasons:

1. It is the only camera in its price class to offer progressive capture natively on the CCD - which means it captures motion exactly like film, rather than simulating filmic motion.

2. It has a fully manual, and removable, lens, meaning speed zooms and accurate, repeatable focus racks are possible without difficulty.

3. Because it can record to tape and hard drive synchronously, the camera is versatile enough to accommodate both narrative and documentary work.

In January 2007, we purchased a Red Rock M2 35mm adapter for our narrative and music video shoots. This adapter allows us to use a wide variety of 35mm Nikon still photography lenses with the HD100, creating a filmic depth of field and corresponding critical focus. With the Red Rock, directors can obtain a big budget look and feel for a fraction of the cost.

Many independent filmmakers are using the combination of the JVC and the Red Rock - and even the DP of 24 has singled this combination out for use on 2nd unit material.

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